Clinic Tour

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Forward facing clinic

Side facing clinic

Entrance door


Reception desk

Front hall to exam rooms

Exam room

Drive through window for convenient pickup of diets and prescriptions

Purina, Royal Canin and Hills perscription diets

Lab station

Surgical instrument prep area

Surgical preparatory area

Surgical suite

Digital radiography

Digital radiography

Med Rx Video VetScope


Isolation runs

Rudy was given to us by a client in 1989 and he has been living in the clinic ever since. He keeps us company during the day with his constant chatter and entertains our hospitalized patients at night. He is approximately 24 years old.

Latte is our front office cat. You will find her in our front office window perched comfortably on her blanket. She’s always up for a head rub if you have a few moments.

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